A UK woman has shared her simple trick for disposing of cooking grease, and it takes seconds.

TikToker Holly Dormer says she is "never going back" after discovering the kitchen hack.

In the video, which has been shared on Dormer's TikTok account @hollydormer, we see her demonstrating the simple trick.

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"Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life," the audio clip used in the video states.

"I'll go first."

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Dormer begins by removing the bacon from the grease-filled pan, placing it carefully on a plate covered in paper towels.

She then carries the pan over to the kitchen sink, placing it to the side, and measures out some aluminum foil, pushing it into the drain to shape it into a bowl so it can hold the grease.

kitchen Woman shares simple trick for disposing of bacon grease

Dormer then pours the grease into the hole, leaving it until it cools and solidifies. Once the grease is solid, she removes the foil from the sink, twisting it to seal it and throwing it in the bin.

Dormer explains in the comments section of the video that she usually uses a jar to dispose of grease but doesn't always have one handy.

"We don't always have a jar on hand but when we do, we use that and cook with it later!" she explains.

"Aluminum is always nearby so this is just a quick fix!"

Dormer's TikTok followers have shared their own hacks for responsibly disposing of cooking grease.

"I just put 2 pieces paper towel in a bowl and dump the grease in there and then compost it," says one.

"No aluminum to the landfill."

Another suggests she throw the solidified oil in the bin and recycle the aluminum foil she has used.

"We don't throw away bacon grease ... it goes in a jar to use later," another person adds. Pre-flavoured cooking grease like this can be used in other dishes such as baked potatoes.

"Just leave it in the pan and wipe it out with a paper towel," suggests another.

Cooking oils and grease shouldn't be poured down the kitchen drain as it can clog the pipes and sewer lines, end up in water treatment plants and place additional strain on water quality services.

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